Amber Story

Autumn is renowned for its beautiful natural tones of maroon, gold and amber. Our Village Life stylist Tahnee Carroll has shared her top tips for transforming your home into an autumnal space.

How do you use products to create an autumnal space?

Tahnee: Just as we dress for the season, we can also style our home for the season — using simple and inexpensive products that can be rotated throughout the year. The easiest way to create an autumnal-inspired interior is through soft furnishings. Take cues from the rich, earthy tones you see in nature by incorporating new cushions and throws.

What are your top tips for layering textures and colours?

Tahnee: With the temperature starting to drop, we want to see and FEEL warmth in our homes. Layering is a stylist’s secret weapon to elevate a space from ordinary to extraordinary. By combining a layered mix of textures — like chunky knits, wool, tan leather and cashmere — your home will instantly feel super cosy.

How can I make my home feel autumnal with just accessories?

Tahnee: Don’t incorporate too many different colours! Pick a colour you love the feel of and layer it into your home in different shades and tones. For me, its amber, clay and terracotta tones — all shades of the same orange-based colour. This way, you’re not bombarded by a rainbow of colour; you get an autumnal version of a monochromatic palette.
New soft furnishings are always a great place to start. And don’t forget to set the seasonal mood with a scented candle! While spring and summer call for coconut and floral scents, autumn and winter call for amber, tobacco leaf, vanilla and spices.

Why do you love accent pieces, like vases and frames?

Tahnee: Vases and frames are a super cute way to add tiny pops of colour here and there. By hanging art or photography with bold prints or colours, and filling vases with simple flower stems, the contrast of organic forms and sculptural shapes create beautiful vignettes.

Any insider tips for styling spaces?

Tahnee: Changing up homewares with the seasons is a great way to breathe new life into an interior. I always use throws draped “naturally” over furnishings to give a lived-in feel to the space.
In my opinion, it’s important not to be too structured in interiors. Plants and florals are essential to creating a homely space. Plus, beautiful vases and ceramics are a great way to bring natural elements inside in an intriguing way.

How can I bring new colours into my home?

Tahnee: Stick with a couple of tones that work together. Varying shades of the same colour and neutral accents help create a cohesive colour palette. By limiting the number of accent colours you choose, you’ll keep the space from becoming too overpowering and disconnected. My favourite tip for creating autumnal interiors is to use more muted earthy colour tones, rather than bright, highly saturated colours.

What’s essential for styling a relaxed space?

Tahnee: I always try to incorporate natural elements into my spaces. A dried bunch of flowers displayed in your favourite vessel can provide a simple injection of warmth. And the oranges and browns of the drying foliage help create a sense of the seasons changing from within your home.

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