Our Commitment

At St Ives Shopping Village, we’re constantly looking at ways to reduce our environmental footprint and revolutionise the way we operate. 

We are taking the steps required to implement sustainable initiatives, whilst educating and engaging our customers and stakeholders

Together, we’re moving towards a greener Village.

At a glance


20% of total waste is recycled each month*

Paper and cardboard

3+ tonnes of paper and cardboard

Milk bottles

850 kilos of co-mingled items and 6,000 milk bottles

Soft plastics

200 kilos of soft plastics

Used cooking oil

600 litres of used cooking oil

35% of total waste is diverted from landfill*


4 tonnes of organic food waste

5+ tonnes of organic food waste

1 tonne of used coffee grounds

1.8 tonne of used coffee grounds


*Figures based on monthly average, taken from six months of data obtained from November 2020.


Recycling and Waste Diversion

On 1 November 2020, we took a step towards becoming a greener Village with a new waste and recycling initiative aimed at reducing landfill. It’s been a phenomenal success, with over 50 tonnes of waste been diverted to date.

Cup to Crop

Our cafés are taking full advantage of our Cup to Crop coffee grounds recycling program with coffee grounds being used to create sustainable fertiliser.

New Employment

Waste and Recycling Valets have been appointed to collect recyclables from retailers and to train retailers in best recycling practices. A Waste Committee also meets once a quarter to discuss new initiatives and best practice.

Borrow a Bag

Customers can borrow a bag from our Boomerang Bag Station to do their shopping. Simply grab one, do your shop and return it the next time you visit. Find the bag station opposite Sportscraft, near Harris Farm.

Greener Energy

Did you know energy efficient lights are installed throughout St Ives Shopping Village and in the car park? Greener power makes our power and air-conditioning supply more environmentally friendly. Overall electricity consumption has been effectively reduced by the installation of sensors on car park lighting and times on air conditioning units to maximise efficiencies.

Electric Vehicle Charging

St Ives Shopping Village has installed two universal electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, powered by Chargefox. For more details on where our EV charging facilities are located, please visit Electric Vehicle Charging.