September 1 is fast approaching – hurray! That means it’s the perfect time to refresh your mind, body, home and life habits. Here are five ways to spring clean your life, now.

We’re a little bit excited here at The Village. Why? It’s less than two weeks until winter is officially over! With that in mind, we’ve gotten inspired and taken a look at how we might put a spring in your step for the coming months. From inspirational books to direct your thoughts to fitness tips from the experts, these tips will make sure your path to spring cleaning is not just revolved around cleaning the floors!

Tip 1: Read to inspire the mind

spring-clean_reading_webThere’s nothing quite like curling up with a good book – whether that’s on the couch or lolling in a park over a Sunday picnic. Hedley Gordon, owner of Book Review, recommends The Mindful Way through Stress as a great read. “This would be my pick if you want to learn about mindfulness,” he says. “It’s sold well, he’s a well-known author and the book offers a very simple, easy and practical way to go through life.” For other top reads, Hedley suggests The 5 love languages for Men by Gary Chapman or A Force for Good by Daniel Goleman. “It’s a book about the Dalai Lama’s vision of our world – a great read,” he says.

Tip 2: Head outside for some Vitamin D

Thankfully,  any sign of the winter blues will soon be forgotten as the weather begins to warm up. But while it’s still cool it’s important to be conscious of your how you’re feeling internally. “Intense symptoms of the winter blues can lead to a type of depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD),” says says Hillary Simon, principal physiotherapist at St Ives Physiotherapy & Sports Therapy. “Exercise is the most effective way to treat signs of depression. And the benefit of outdoor light is huge. Aim to get at least one hour of sunlight preferably in the morning when it’s not too hot.” Ask your Physiotherapist to help you plan a suitable spring exercise program.

Tip 3: Revamp your spring tableware

As we move out of hibernation, the season for Aussie alfresco entertaining kicks in – and the need for some gorgeous new in-vogue tableware. “Geometric metallic will continue as a hot trend as the warmer months approach,” says Tiffany Herbert, store manager at Plenty Kitchen & Tableware. “Look for copper and gold in bowls and accessories like heat trivets. These items accent kitchen basics, including white ceramics, and create a much more sophisticated alfresco look.” If you want to literally “spring clean”, Plenty Kitchen and Tableware is your go to for Australian-made cleaning products, stylish practical cleaning accessories, real ostrich feather dusters and bamboo brush sets.

Tip 4: Create a DIY workout routine

spring-clean-fitness_webNow is the time to start ramping up the fitness, if you haven’t already. Not only does it make you feel great – it’s essential for good health. On days that you can’t get to the gym, or make it outside for a walk, aim to do 15 minutes at home. “You can create your very own program of body-weight exercises to do at home, including skipping or jogging on the spot, squats, lunges, pushups, tricep dips and plank holds,” says local health and fitness expert, personal trainer GI Jane. “There’s no equipment necessary, except you, a towel, a water bottle and a little motivation. Pop the TV on MasterChef and see how many sets you can manage before the end of the show!” To get you in the groove and look the part, pop by Lorna Jane. We’re loving the hot new Provision Sports Bra in neon apple – perfect for spring gym wear.

Tip 5: Sort out your finances

finances_spring-clean_webLodged your tax return? Amalgamated your super funds? The festive season will be here before we know it, so it’s the time to get your finances on track. Start a to-do list with all those finance jobs that are still lying around and aim to tick one job off a week. Then, start a ‘holidays fund’ for the Christmas/New Year period. By adding $10-20 a week now into this savings fund you could have more than $300 by the time Christmas arrives. For more specific financial advice, head down to NAB and talk to the experts.

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