Fresh Food

It’s always a fresh day in The Market Room.

Grab everything you need for a delicious meal — including breakfast, mains, wine and dessert — in one convenient place.


Grain Bakery & Co

Have you tried the goodies at Grain Bakery yet? As the third shop for Kia and Kasra, the guys are experienced in baking healthy and nutritious food. With a delicious breakfast and lunch menu, stop by and you might see Jeff Bruce, who worked at the deli in St Ives Shopping Village 30 years ago!



Sushiru‘s sushi train has a large selection of authentic, freshly made delicacies — including nigiri, maki, sashimi, tempura, udon, teriyaki and more. Quick, fresh and easy, you can enjoy a bite at the train or take something to go from the Sushiru kiosk on Level 1.


Juice + Wellness

The Juice + Wellness bar is proud to offer different unique and healthy options. With a desire to help people eat healthier, this retailer prides itself on quick, delicious, made to order meals that give you everything you need. Fresh salads, sandwiches, juices, healthy snacks and more.



At AM-Mart is an Asian grocery store that offers not only products from all over Asia, but also excellent customer service. From noodles, to spices, to condiments, to snacks, to drinks, get everything you need in one place.


Rebecca Laurić Pâtisserie

Expert pâtissier Rebecca Laurić has been serving up delicious delicacies at St Ives Shopping Village for almost four years. “It’s more than a transaction. It’s just a really beautiful feeling here.” From scrumptious cakes to delicate macarons to flaky pastries, there’s something to satisfy your savoury side AND your sweet tooth.


Simply Noodles

Simply Noodles serves up contemporary Cantonese cuisine with South-East Asian influences. Choose from a wide variety of stir-fried noodles, laksa and noodle soups, as well as a delicious assortment of made to order meals from the extensive menu.


Bakers Delight

Every day, the bakers at Bakers Delight use real ingredients to bake unreal bread. And everything baked that day is sold fresh the same day. Whether you’re grabbing your daily loaf, a morning snack or an early hot cross bun (because who can resist?) you can trust your bread to be delightful.


Porter’s Liquor 

Proudly independently owned, Porter’s Liquor stocks an extensive range of premium wines, kosher wines, spirits and beers. The friendly owners know the stories behind the liquor and have the expertise to guide you in finding the perfect drop for your occasion.


Craig Cook The Natural Butcher

Craig Cook is a leading retailer of the finest quality beef, poultry, lamb, pork and other specialty meats. Craig has been involved in livestock farming and butchering since he was a teenager, learning the trade from the ground up. We recommend the legendary dry-aged beef, which is prepared traditionally to provide a succulent product full of flavour.


Looking for something fresh? Come sample the delights The Market Room has to offer.

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