Owner of Warwick Dawson shoes, Serge Dawson, tells the countries he looks to for inspiration and shares top tips on the trends for winter shoes.

Tell us a bit about Warwick Dawson Shoes?
Warwick is my father. He opened his first store in 1969 in Mosman – it was the first footwear boutique of its kind in the area. It’s still there after 45 years. When Dad first started the business his aim was to provide something different. Throughout our history we’ve always sought to find products that are unique and individual, whether it’s colours or styles; it’s one of the biggest things our customers always comment on. When we do our buying we don’t just focus on brands – it’s all about the quality.

What inspires your buying? What are some of your key brands?
All of our products are imported from Europe, in particular Spain. Portugal is another country producing some great shoes with nice materials and interesting, contemporary designs. One new brand from Portugal we’re looking at, Arcopedico Shoes, is a comfort brand with vegan-friendly ranges, simple designs and strong materials. We’re stocking a new German brand this winter, Gabor. Neo is a popular Italian brand and Hispanitas is from Spain.

What’s on trend for winter shoes?
Mid-height boots. They look great and the heel height also makes them very wearable. We stock a well-priced Italian brand called Relax; the shoes are comfortable and high quality with soft leathers. Footwear with textured materials and ankle boots is also on trend, so we’re seeing lots of suede and prints, from snake to lizard. Earthy tones and khaki are everywhere, but there are also plenty of warmer shades around.

What’s so special about your customer service?
The effort our staff put in to find what’s right for each customer. If you’re looking for something and an item doesn’t fit, or doesn’t quite work, we’ll find other options. We want you to find a style you love.

What sets Warwick Dawson apart?
We always have a lot of colour. Many shoe retailers stock neutral tones or black and white. We’re the opposite. We like to have neutrals but we also think it’s important to inject a bit of colour. We avoid a lot of brands that we feel are well covered in the market and we feature a lot of limited ranges. We’re also mindful footwear has to be good value. If you’re paying up to $400 for a pair of boots, there’s a reason why. One of our premium footwear brands, BeautiFeel from Israel, makes the most beautiful shoes with premium Italian leather, strong latex soles and a soft padded foam foot. They’re perfect for customers who appreciate quality, comfort and style.

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