With so much amazing content it can be easy to miss some of the great pieces we’ve featured in the latest issue of Village Life magazine. Here, we’ve highlighted five of the harder to spot pieces to give you a closer look. Don’t forget to pick up your magazine in centre today.

  1. Blue Illusion, Klara Faux-Fur Scarf

This navy scarf found its way into the background of our fashion shoot but deserves a little of the spotlight. The scarf is a great piece for your Winter wardrobe to add some texture, colour and a much needed dose of warmth.

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  1. Cotton On Kids, Luxe Baby Rattle

It’s hard to not focus on the adorable faces of our Village Bubs so we forgive you for missing this cute rattle. From one of our newest retailers, Cotton On Kids, it’s a great toy to keep tiny hands busy.

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  1. Edith Elizabeth Antiques, 1930s Nickel Pocket Watch

We collated some great gifts found at The Village to spoil Dad this Father’s Day, and we love this antique pocket watch. It’s a unique and timeless gift that Dad will be able to truly cherish.

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  1. Rodney Clark, Spot Shirt

Our experts told us that a pop of colour and texture were the eye-catching trends of the season and they weren’t wrong. So much so that this Rodney Clark shirt get’s a little lost behind the fab accessories, so we’ve included a full shot of this on-trend and effortlessly chic blouse for you to get a better look.

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  1. Athlete’s Foot, New Balance Running Course Shoe

We packed our bags so neatly that it’s easy to miss these running shoes tucked away in the corner. Keeping fit in Winter can be pretty hard so a great set of comfortable and supportive shoes is a much needed motivation booster.

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