Additional Car Parking FAQ’s

Q: I am a disabled permit holder, but have more than one family member or carer bring me to St Ives Village. Is the disabled permit transferable to more than one vehicle?

A: Only one vehicle per disabled permit holder can be registered with the Village Concierge. However, additional vehicles may stay without charge provided the carer / driver presents the pre-registered permit at Concierge to be given a parking redemption ticket to be used at the exit.

Q: What are the changes of direction in the car park?

A:  There has been some permanent changes to car park traffic flow. Signage has been installed and we have traffic controllers directing traffic in the locations of change. As part of our Car Park upgrade, electronic signage display boards will be installed to help identify available bays and direct traffic flow.

There are only two permanent changes to traffic flow, as follows:

Yellow car park: the first lane of the Yellow car park is now two-way rather than one-way, with a turning bay at the end of the lane. Denley Lane Entry: The second lane is now left turn only. Traffic controllers are onsite to assist.

Green Car Park: Exit points in the Green Park have changed, there is no longer an option to turn right in the second lane and proceed directly to the exit. Please follow directional signage & traffic controllers will be onsite to assist. This is in preparation for the installation of the boom gates.

Q:  If I have a hair or beauty appointment and stay for lunch or shopping, I will go over my 3 hour limit. Will I have to pay for parking then?

A: As the average shoppers is here for under 1 hour, standard rates will apply after a stay of 3 hours. However, for the first month, there will be 4 hours free for the launch period (until 1 October).

Q:  Why can’t we increase the size of the car park or build a new car park?

A: Whilst we would like to provide additional car spaces, the surrounding land is council owned or managed and we are not able to increase the amount of spaces. The car park upgrade will facilitate a higher turnover of car parking bays which will improve availability.

Q: Why is St Ives introducing paid parking?

  • The need to accommodate increased foot traffic & expected growth of our catchment:
    • Trade area will accommodate 16,980 new residents over the next decade
    • Expected to grow by 10-12% by 2031(Source: Census 2011)
  • Making parking more accessible & reducing the time and stress involved in finding a park. This is our number one concern from customers and retailers
  • Deterring commuters and other ‘non shoppers’ from using our car park
  • Aiding navigation, easing congestion & streamlining the entry and exit process
  • Identifying available parking bays via red/green indicator lights above each bays & blue for disabled parks. Electronic display boards with the number of vacant of spaces also displayed in each area
  • Overall aesthetic upgrade to car parks including painting, lighting, signage, line markings & new flooring in yellow car park

Q: Is this is a revenue raising venture?

A: This is not a venture to raise revenue for the owners of St Ives Village. A considerable capital investment is required for the car park upgrade, and the primary motivation for this is to ease congestion & improve car parking availability.

Q: What research or community consultation has taken place for these changes?

A: Since 2013, there has been research conducted in the form of exit surveys, telephone surveys, demographic studies and focus groups. The issue of car parking has been raised constantly as being a key issue which is why we are installing measures to improve our car park.

Q: I have concerns or want to ask further questions what do I do?

A: If you would like further information, or to discuss car parking in more detail, please speak to The Concierge on Level 2 or Centre Management on 8422 4000.

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