Match your bra to your workout with these tips from Elleran Lingerie’s bra fitting expert.

Whether you run half marathons and hit the gym religiously, or if gentle yoga and morning walks are more your forte, women want to choose the best sports bra for their activity. Not wearing a sports bra when exercising – or wearing the wrong kind – can lead to serious damage of the internal ligaments and skin that support the breasts.

“Not wearing a sports bra could lead to irreversible damage of the internal Cooper’s ligaments and skin of the breast if these are stretched from bouncing during exercise,” says Elleran Lingerie’s bra fitting expert Fleur Tattam.

So, how do you find the best sports bra for you – and how do you know whether it’s a good fit? Firstly, different physical activities require varying levels of support from a sports bra. Fleur says activities like yoga or walking require ‘light’ control; cycling, power walking or hiking require ‘moderate’ control; tennis, soccer or jogging require ‘firm’ control; and running, boxing or horseback riding require ‘maximum’ control.


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Seeking the help of an expert bra fitter – who can help you when you’re trying the bra on – is a must, says Fleur.

“You need a firmly fixed underband – the stretchy part of the bra beneath the breasts.

“Support comes from three points on a sports bra: the straps, the cups, and the band – including the side panels. The bra should feel quite firm but comfortable around the body, and the bra cup should cover and hold the whole bust. Jog on the spot or jump up and down in the fitting room and make sure you feel like you’re supported and your bouncing is minimised!”

Another reason to be fitted by a specialist is that research has shown younger women’s breasts experience more up and down motion, whereas older women (45 plus) experience more side-to-side and in-out movement of the breasts, Fleur says. This indicates that the best sports bra style for you changes during different stages of a woman’s life. She recommends trying sports bras from Berlei and Triumph, both of which are stocked at Elleran Lingerie. Fleur has been fitting bras for 18 years, 12 of which she’s spent at Elleran.

“My favourite part of the job is serving customers with care and attention – and finding the right bra to suit them. Product knowledge is essential to achieve this, something that only comes with experience and keeping up to date with new styles and products, which makes every day interesting and challenging.”

Fleur’s best sports bra picks

Berlei Ultimate Performance Crop Sports Underwire Bra, $89.95.

Fleur says this sports bra is: “Ideal for high-impact activities such as long-distance running, kickboxing and athletics.”



Berlei Electrify Underwire Bra, $49.95.

“This is our most popular sports underwire bra. It’s a high-impact bra for a supportive workout,” says Fleur

Triaction Seam free, underwire-free crop top, from $39.95.

Triaction Seam free, underwire-free crop top, from $39.95.

Fleur says this sports bra is: “Suitable for light and moderate control activities such as yoga or hiking.”

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