Making New Year’s resolutions is one thing, but sticking to them? That can be a little more difficult. Here, we suggest four ways to help you nail them in 2016.

New year, new you. Right? Wrong. Rather than setting your sights on all the things you can do better this year, try to reflect on what you achieved in 2015. And use that feel-good inspo to help you set achievable goals and resolutions that you can stick to. Let these top tips inspire your goal setting.

NY resolution 1: Eat nourishing foods

How to make it stick…
Stock up on inspirational cookbooks filled with nutritious recipes to inspire your healthy eating at any hour of the day. Michelle Harvey from Book Review recommends Sarah Wilson’s third cookbook, Simplicious, which features more than 300 healthy, sugar-free recipes. “Another great book is The Shrinking Hubby’s healthy food we love to eat, by St Ives local Alix Toynton. It’s got some yummy recipes, including brown rice salad with caramelised onions and pine nuts. Blood Sugar food to share, by Michael Moore, is also popular. It features recipes for a healthy chicken Caesar salad, summer peach salad and veggie lasagna. There’s desserts, too!”

NY resolution 2: Get fit

How to make it stick…
Setting achievable fitness goals is all about being realistic, says local health and fitness expert and personal trainer GI Jane. “Think about your lifestyle, your habits and what you really want to achieve,” says Jane. “Can you really quit sugar forever? Are you REALLY going to make those six early morning training sessions a week? Small, achievable goals that will fit within your lifestyle are preferable, allowing you to succeed rather than crash and burn one month into the New Year.” For some comfy new tights and brightly coloured racer backs to inspire your training head to Lorna Jane. Or pop into Double Bay Clothing for brands like Running Bare, Everlast and Bonds.


GI Jane can design training regimes to kick-start your fitness

NY resolution 3: Join a community group

How to make it stick…
Establishing new hobbies you love feels great, particularly when you make new friends along the way. Why not try The Athlete’s Foot walker’s group? Run by owner John Rae and Hillary Simon, principal physiotherapist at St Ives Physiotherapy & Sports Therapy, the Village Walkers meet on Tuesday and Friday mornings at 7.30am outside the community centre (sliding doors adjacent to Woolworths) for a one-hour walk around St Ives.

Need some new shoes to get you going? “I have lots of people come in store to buy walking shoes,” says John. “Some do neighbourhood walks for fitness, but others do big walks overseas. Setting them up with shoes that are comfortable and right for their biomechanics is essential, so they don’t suffer from sore feet or knee injuries.”

NY resolution 4: Take time to chill out

How to make it stick…
Sitting in silence with yourself can do wonders for your health – just ask any of the world’s best health professionals. If meditation is a little too beyond your reach right now, why not start by playing some soothing music for 10 minutes a day? Ivana Buontempo, store manager at Amici Music, recommends Enya’s new CD Dark Sky Island. “It’s easy listening and features the popular song “Echoes in rain”. World Yoga and Yoga Lounge by Putumayo is great if you want a bit of healing for the mind and body.”