St Ives Shopping Village, the perfect local one stop shop….

With over 110 retailers – from jewellery to groceries, skincare to fashion, and books to holidays – St Ives Shopping Village is proud to offer all things essential, in one convenient location. We recently caught up with some of our independents to discuss their unique offerings. Read more about their stores and services below.


AM-Mart Asian Grocer, nestled in the hub of The Market Room, offers a delicious variety of international delicacies – including a huge selection of dumplings, drinks, noodles, sweets, fresh produce and traditional flavours. Pop in for your one-stop Asian grocery shop and talk through the store’s Japanese, Malaysian and Indonesian specialties with the team.

Level 2, The Market Room, Phone: 0476 896 869

Ascend Skin Clinics

Ascend Skin Clinics provides a full range of beauty services, including hair removal, lash extensions, spray tanning, make-up and anti-aging treatments. Caring about individual aesthetic needs and goals, Ascend’s team works with clients to assess skin concerns and improvements. With a mission to help people reveal their ‘best selves’, Ascend’s qualified, experienced therapists, state of the art technologies and cutting-edge treatments are sure to make you feel like a new person. Plus, you can get more value out of your beauty treatments with Ascend’s Gold and Platinum membership packages.

Level 2, Phone: (02) 9488 9788;

Book Review

Book Review’s husband and wife team, Hedley and Zara, are passionate about sharing good stories with the local community. With over 50,000 titles in stock, there’s nothing they won’t track down for you. And with lots of history in the centre, they’ve got their own tale or two up their sleeves!

Level 1, (02) 9144 7837;

Élan Jewellers

Family-owned and operated by jewellers Frank, Thomas and Tanya, Élan Jewellers designs, makes and repairs distinctive, elegant jewellery on the premises. Tanya shares: “We source our materials from all over the world, as we’re always searching for the best and most unique stones.” Talk to the team about refining your perfect piece.

Level 1, (02) 8386 3995 @elanjewellers

Red Pearl & MARC CAIN

When it comes to the latest trends, Marie Louise has her finger on the pulse of fashion. Providing exclusive, high-quality service, personal shopping and style consulting, she helps clients find the perfect blend of style and comfort across business, casual and evening wear. Talk fashion with Marie Louise on your next visit to St Ives Shopping Village.

Level 2; (02) 9449 4413;

RG Collection

Travelling the world in search of products for lifestyle, fashion and homewares store RG Collection, Ronny is something of a celebrity around St Ives. If you’re in the market for something unique – and a little extra special – Ronny’s your go-to guide.

Level 1, (02) 9144 1170 @rgcollectionsydney

St Ives Travel

Trading at St Ives Shopping Village for more than 25 years, St Ives Travel provides unique, authentic and memorable experiences. Though international travel may not be on the cards any time soon, there’s a wealth of beauty to be discovered right here in Australia. Talk to Emily, Lionel and the team about planning your next domestic holiday today.

Level 1; (02) 9983 1699;