Celebrating Mums at The Village!

At St Ives Shopping Village, you don’t have to go far to find a mum doing an amazing job. To celebrate Mother’s Day 2021, we’re sharing tributes to some of the amazing mothers behind our businesses.

Emma & Karen: Nextra Newsagency

Emma shared her favourite way to spend the special day. “My sister Karen has two girls, six and four, and I’ve got two boys aged nine and six, so we get similar treatment on Mother’s Day. They make gifts at school, which is lovely, and I like to go for brunch with the family on the day. I get to open a card that has been selected from Nextra. So technically I pay for it!”


Carolina (from the store of the same name) reflects on her mother’s experience and the parallels with her own. “It’s a very special day for me and my two young children, Sebastian aged four, and Camilla, who is two. I also spend plenty of FaceTime with my mum Gloria in Colombia. It was only when I became a mum that I fully understood all the effort she put in to raise me!”

Elizabeth: Alyzz K Boutique

Alyce operates Alyzz K Boutique with her trendy mum Elizabeth. “It’s lucky I have such a great relationship with my mum because I see her all the time at home and she works part-time in the store. On Mother’s Day we usually go out for dinner, and she also gets the day off work — of course!”

Tanya: Elan Jewellers

Though she works with luxury jewellery, Tanya likes to keep her Mother’s Day a little more low-key. “With three boys aged ten, seven and four, it’s not always easy to get a pic without one being crazy! When it comes to Mother’s Day, I treasure the gifts my children make on their own, like cards and craft, and just spending the day together.”

Cheryl: The Living Room & Juice + Wellness

Tony from The Living Room was quick to praise his wife Cheryl, who runs Juice + Wellness in The Market Room. “Our baby Nathan arrived thirteen months ago, and the juice bar business is only four months old. Cheryl has been amazing…because of everything she does for us both at home and at work.”