Cafes & Restaurants open for dining in

Currently, Cafes & Restaurants can now seat up to 10 people for dining in. Social distancing must apply, and an area of 4 square metres must be left between patrons. From Monday 1 June, this will change to up to 50 patrons per venue, although strict social distancing measures will still apply, so check with individual operators.

The Market Room is currently open for Dine In Customers, with a limit of 50 customers seated at one time. Seating has been limited in this area to allow for a maximum of 50 seated patrons at one time.

Cafes at St Ives Village with Dining in available include:

  • Papas Pizza (Lunch & Dinner)
  • Cafe Milligram
  • Three Beans Cafe
  • Living Room Cafe
  • Cafe JJs
  • The Blue Jar
  • Copper Pan
  • Silk Dining (Lunch & Dinner)

If you are eating with your family or household members, you can occupy the same table; but otherwise, these social distancing rules apply (as outlined by the NSW Government). We ask all patrons to respect and follow these restrictions – call individual operators to see whether bookings are available.